Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Temporary death

the other day when i was flippin thru the papers, i saw dis article bout some death therapy dey called where dey actually put u inside the coffin and bury u under the ground for a few minutes let u experience wat it feels like when u die. Suprisingly, dis happens in S.Korea and dey pay thousands for it and it was touted dat dis kinda of therapy will actually make the person realize and recall bout wat truly means to them in their life, redirecting their purpose in their life to the true goals, and giving them a sense of purpose in life.

Naturally, i find it quite true for me. Its only always when we lost sth dat we finally recollect all the memories of it, reminiscing at how we used to enjoy it so much, lookin back in guilt at how we should not have done it, and the list goes. Sometimes, i shud say always we are just ignorant to what we have tat we take it for granted not until the moment it strikes us dat their loss actually made us feel so empty. Believe it or not, its natural for us to be obsessed with certain things at times dat we actually got confused over wat is imporant and should be prioritized over others. Its all too common. the least we can do is just spend a moment or two to actually muse over what happened for the past few years and wat brought us here today.

Huhu !!!

Nature of being defensive

Ah, i guess being defensive is rather reflex for most people. I was havin dis problem with my specs where the optician accidentally gave me some power so much more higher than its supposed to be, and i went back to her like 3 times including today or 4 including my dad's visit to talk to her. She got all frustrated and defensive when we were actually telling her our problem, the first time i approach her she told me her reading was definitely accurate, my eyes need to adjust to the new specs and it sounds all logic to me. there i go wearing it for a few more days, and hell the nex thing i noe when i cross check it with another 3 opticians my eyes' power are supposed to be 275 and 300 not 350 and 425.

Went back to her, another lady from the same outlet gave me a test and found out dey did made a mistake. take note its not the lady who first took my reading, dad suggested dat we shud get a prescription from an optometrist to betta confirm it and its a good idea after all.

Went to an optometrist, got consultation from him and hell right my eyes have actually improved marginally; so there i go bouncing back to the optician tellin her wat happened, she went into the room n gave me a test and rerun everything only to come out n become all defensive dat the reading she gave me is correct because i told her i can read those letters on the board and gave her a "definite" yes no in that split seconds. For fux sake, ur suppose to noe how subjective all dis answers given by ur customer and yet u become all defensive when we told u the reading u gave earlier is wrong. There she goes again n again dat i can read the letters, and i agreed dat the earlier reading was ok to me. Geesh, then when we finally asked her to change she showed the fkin fucked up face with dat moody screwed up PMS look to me. Niacibai wat the fuck man, cmon i dont pay and go thru all these hassles to see ur cibai face all frowned like dat. Hopeless optician, will nvr go to it again. Service is poor, she dont even hav the fkin patience to actually xplain wat the reading means to me and my dad when we probed her, she was so defensive dat she actually keep justifying dat she was right and all dat. Worse still, shes the supervisor wat a joke.

But i cant blame either, it is common for human to be defensive when dey feel threatened. Its our instinct, but shes extremely SH-ed.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


exams are finally over, holidays are rolling in and the next thing i know its chinese new year.

ironic as it sounds, i came back right after my exams and i got stucked in an one hour jam banging my head on the steering wheel macam sohai. so many roads were closed, and dis mean more n more n more n more jam.

B O R I N G ~!!!!

i was thinkin bout why im soo not xcited although my exams are over while im stucked in the jam, i finally found out why. i guess its only natural to feel so. ahhh!! now im confused with what im saying, geesh. i shud go and take my nap now.

oh no!! i need to paint my room *keat scurries away*

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

lost in wukakaness

hilang, sesat, melesap ! wukaka wukaka. ada topic hangat dibincangkan? sila letak di comments. uhhh !!

Monday, November 19, 2007

wat's jiwang?!

All the while i tot jiwang means emo, not until my fren told me being jiwang means being romantic. and i told my buddy who used dis jiwang word as if it is his mantra. he kantoi me saying dat jiwang is emo because when ur romantic, u feel sad, and when ur sad ur emo. but there he goes with his cerita jiwang. miss fatty miss fatty. wukaka!!!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Assignments are piling, but here im still slackin off; taking my time to maple and findin xcuses not to do them. Year 2 has been rather boring, with a funny subject called accounting in career context in my syllabus. I hav the slightest idea as in to what it is about; so far we hav done pointless presentation, idiotic role plays , stupid writings dat is totally nonsensical. Its more like i pay rm 2200 for a preachin lesson where my coursemates all preach to me bout their ideas on the accounting field which i dont find it interesting at all.

Guitar store annual concert on 18th Nov in Bangkok Jazz. admission is free. JOM pergi tengok! 8pm onwards.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Kelahiran Blog ku yg tersayang

Was thinkin of blogging since last year, but nvr really took the initiative; not until mishan told me bout my old blog and i found it suprisingly funny. Guess bloggin can kurangkan kejiwangan by laughing at ur old entries. wuu wuu wuu !!! and the boringness sfifling me, guessed all the more reasons to repek on my 2 cents blog to waste time. Wukaka !!! Jom semangat berblog !!